Friday 22 September 2023

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Authors Information

For all authors (both for poster and for oral presentation scheduled)

Presenters should forward biographical material to the session chairman two or more weeks before the Conference. Please fill the following form

It is anyway advisable that the authors bring biographical material to the Presenters' Breakfast or pre-session meeting to guarantee that it is available.The data on this form are useful to the chairmen in order to correctly introduce the speaker of the paper.


Videoprojectors + personal computers are available in the conference rooms, where Microsoft Power Point 2007 and Acrobat Reader 8.0 are installed.All materials have to be uploaded on those computers before the start of each session: please contact the chairman and the conference staff. All presentation files will be deleted at the end of the Symposium and no copy will be saved.The time scheduled for each presentation is about 15 min. Questions to the authors are welcome: they can be asked at the end of each presentation or at the end of the session, according to the decision of the chairman.Speakers are kindly invited to complete (typewriting or using capital letters) the form Speaker Information Sheet:


The poster should be in A0 (84 cm x 120 cm) format and only vertically oriented. Please follow the following generic guidelines for poster preparation and presentation:

  • clearly show the title (minimum 72 pt) and authors name + affiliation (minimum 48 pt)
  • use at least a 24 pt font for the body-text and figure captions.
  • at least one author per paper must be present during the dialogue session (75 - 90 min).
  • posters have to be placed in the reserved space from 60 min to 30 min before the session start and removed in 60 min after the session, otherwise posters will be removed by organizers. In the Poster Area authors will find everything they need to fix poster on their locations.