Friday 22 September 2023

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Special Sessions already proposed

  • Power Electronics and Motor Drives for More Electric Aircrafts - Prof. Sheldon S. Williamson
  • Innovative traction technologies - Mr.Hata, Prof.Kondo
  • Energy storage device application for the traction - Prof.Miyatake and Prof.Kondo
  • Energy storage device application for the ground application - Prof.Miyatake
  • Fault Diagnostics for Motors and Drivetrains on aircraft applications - Prof. Mark Sumner, Prof. Jesus Arellano
  • Design of Motors and their Control on aircraft applications - Prof. Chris Gerada
  • Electric Power Systems Modeling, Analysis and Control - Prof. Mark Sumner, Dr Serghi Bozhko
  • Assessment of Compatibility in Electric Traction Systems - Prof. Andrea Mariscotti, Prof. Nicola Pasquino
  • Battery and Fuel Cell Systems for Hybrid Road Vehicles - Dr. Ottorino Veneri, Dr. Fortunato Migliardini
  • Innovative Electric Propulsion Systems For Urban Mobility -
  • Addressing Challenges of Electric Vehicle Drivetrains - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Kampker

Call Procedure for Special Sessions

A Special Session is a group of papers (minimum 5 papers), organized at the initiative of any voluntary organizer. Special Session topics must be in areas consistent with those of the Conference.

Special Sessions will last two hours and will normally include 6 papers from different institutions and organisations coming from different countries. Also a good balance regarding country contributions should be assured. The session can be organised in several parts, if more than 6 high quality papers are accepted in one special session.

Composition of the Special Session, considering final accepted papers, cannot contain more than 25% of papers from the same institution.

Special Sessions Co-Chairs:

Any potential Special Session organizer has to complete the following tasks:

  • provide the Special Session Chair (e-mail) with a provisional title of the Special Session and its track area;
  • send a Call for Session template dedicated to that Special Session to the Special Session Chair ;
  • contact potential Authors (a minimum of 5) and invite them to submit;
  • prepare a list of 5 potential reviewers.

The review process of any Special Session will be led by the Special Session organizer(s) with the same rules as for regular papers. If the number of selected papers will be lower than 5, the Special Session will be cancelled and accepted papers will be shared within the other regular sessions of the area. Additional instances may be agreed with Special Session Chair.

After the Special Session organization is complete, the organizer must perform the following duties:

  • attend the Conference;
  • chair the proposed Special Session (bringing a personal laptop, as required for all Session Chairs);
  • provide the name of a co-chair (useful in case of Session Chair having a paper in the Session);
  • participate to the review process actively.

Organizers of scheduled Special Sessions commit themselves to register for and attend the conference. For each Special Session, one free registration will be offered to the organizer or distributed among all organizers at their own decision. In any case, the general rules about maximum number of papers associated with a registration will apply.

Summary of Important Dates:

Last day for submitting Special Session proposals: 1st June 2012 -- NEW

Accepted proposals notified within two weeks of submission.

Special Session papers submission deadline: 1st June 2012

Authors notified of acceptance/rejection: 15th July 2012.