Friday 22 September 2023

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Innovative Electric Propulsion Systems For Urban Mobility

  • Raul Estrada Vazquez, Dr. Claudia Mathis, and Alfred Steinhuber
    New digital simulator and emulator for automobile energy management
  • Raul Estrada Vazquez, Dr. Claudia Mathis, and Alfred Steinhuber
    Adaptive Energy Management Strategy for Dual Power Net Vehicles
  • Babak Fahimi, Wei Wang
    A Comparative Study of Various Arts of Electric Drives for EV/HEV Applications
  • R. Camilleri , D.A.Howey, M.D. McCulloch
    Mechanisms for an AFPM In-Wheel Motor with Integrated Cooling for Urban Mobility Vehicles
  • I. Boldea ,L.N.Tutelea, S.I. Deaconu, F. Marignetti Dual rotor single- stator axial-airgap PMSM motor/generator drive for HEVs : comprehensive modeling and performance characterization

Battery and Fuel Cell Systems for Hybrid Road Vehicles

Special session on : Battery and Fuel Cell Systems for Hybrid Road Vehicles

Special Session

M. Grötsch

Development of a Fuel Cell Range Extender for Commercial Vehicles


A. Otto

Battery Management Network for Fully Electrical Vehicles Featuring Smart Systems at Cell and Pack Level


M. Hammadi

Multidisciplinary approach for modelling and optimization of Road Electric Vehicles in conceptual design level


G. Romeo

Design of Inter-City Transport Aircraft Powered by Fuel Cell & Flight Test of Zero Emission 2-Seater Aircraft Powered By Fuel Cells fuelled by Hydrogen


M. Santarelli

Solid oxide fuel cells for stationary and APU applications


O. Veneri

A Zebra Battery based propulsion system for urban bus applications: preliminary laboratory tests


A. Adebusuyi

Review and comparison of different commercial vehicle hybridisation techniques


N. Cesario

Testing of Integrated Circuit for Li-ion Battery Management Systems based on passive balancing


P. Corbo

Optimization of Fuel Cell Performance in Vehicles by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy


F. Migliardini

Management issues of direct hydrogen fuel cell systems for application in automotive field


Electric Power Systems Modeling, Analysis and Control

Special Session on “Electric Power Systems Modeling, Analysis and Control”

organized by

Dr Serhiy Bozhko, The University of Nottingham (serhiy.bozhko@nottingham.ac.uk)

Prof Mark Sumner, The University of Nottingham (mark.sumner@nottingham.ac.uk)


S.Seeman Control & Monitoring of an Over-determined EMA Swashplate System
S. Bozhko Application of dynamic phasors for accelerated simulations of aircraft electric power system
F.Re Towards an automated electric aircraft ground operation
D.Schlabe Energy management of aircraft electrical system – state of the art
Qian Zhou Conducted emission analysis of Electric nacelle anti ice system in aircraft
P. Norman Optimisation of energy storage system control under network fault conditions
P. Norman Aircraft power system design and optimisation
S. Bozhko Aircraft EPS stability: comparative analysis of AC and DC distribution
T.Yang Functional modelling of aircraft AC/DC converters using dynamic phasors concept