Friday 22 September 2023

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Electric Power Systems Modeling, Analysis and Control

Special Session on “Electric Power Systems Modeling, Analysis and Control”

organized by

Dr Serhiy Bozhko, The University of Nottingham (serhiy.bozhko@nottingham.ac.uk)

Prof Mark Sumner, The University of Nottingham (mark.sumner@nottingham.ac.uk)


S.Seeman Control & Monitoring of an Over-determined EMA Swashplate System
S. Bozhko Application of dynamic phasors for accelerated simulations of aircraft electric power system
F.Re Towards an automated electric aircraft ground operation
D.Schlabe Energy management of aircraft electrical system – state of the art
Qian Zhou Conducted emission analysis of Electric nacelle anti ice system in aircraft
P. Norman Optimisation of energy storage system control under network fault conditions
P. Norman Aircraft power system design and optimisation
S. Bozhko Aircraft EPS stability: comparative analysis of AC and DC distribution
T.Yang Functional modelling of aircraft AC/DC converters using dynamic phasors concept