Friday 30 September 2022

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Special Sessions already proposed

  • Power Electronics and Motor Drives for More Electric Aircrafts - Prof. Sheldon S. Williamson
  • Innovative traction technologies - Mr.Hata, Prof.Kondo
  • Energy storage device application for the traction - Prof.Miyatake and Prof.Kondo
  • Energy storage device application for the ground application - Prof.Miyatake
  • Fault Diagnostics for Motors and Drivetrains on aircraft applications - Prof. Mark Sumner, Prof. Jesus Arellano
  • Design of Motors and their Control on aircraft applications - Prof. Chris Gerada
  • Electric Power Systems Modeling, Analysis and Control - Prof. Mark Sumner, Dr Serghi Bozhko
  • Assessment of Compatibility in Electric Traction Systems - Prof. Andrea Mariscotti, Prof. Nicola Pasquino
  • Battery and Fuel Cell Systems for Hybrid Road Vehicles - Dr. Ottorino Veneri, Dr. Fortunato Migliardini
  • Innovative Electric Propulsion Systems For Urban Mobility -
  • Addressing Challenges of Electric Vehicle Drivetrains - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Kampker